The BodhiTree is a place of spiritual growth that is created in response to a vision Bhakti had during a Darkness Retreat in 2010.All activities that take place there are in the light of growth in consciousness.

The activities of The Bodhitree Ghent are currently focused on the Dark Room.

Individual sessions are still possible before or after a retreat.

Where the name comes from:

The Bodhitree is a kind of fig tree under which Buddha sat when he reached enlightenment.

The special thing about this tree is that after flowering the seeds settle in the branches of the mother tree. Aerial roots emerge that reach to the ground and create a new tree, connected to the mother tree. This can create a whole forest!

Nice symbol for the path of awakening. The growth towards the light, but fall back into old habits, until we move towards the light again. This process is constantly repeated in life. But one thing is certain, if you  go through all this in a conscious way, you will always be rewarded with: more insight, wisdom, confidence, Love.

During this process, connections are made with people who grow in the same direction.

This way two Bodhitree’s have been created that are connected to each other.

Each of them has a special offer. Feel free to explore the website.

The BodhiTree Gent


“…Once you have reached to the centre of your being, you will find love radiating from you. It is not something to be done by you. It will be just as if the sun has risen and the flowers have opened and the air has become filled with their fragrance. Love is a by-product of meditation. Only meditators know what love is…”