Duration of the retreat

 You can book a retreat of minimum 3 days and up to 14 days. Exceptionally it can be longer. 

In all cases it is needed to send information about your meditation experience. 



Check in & out

 You arrive the evening before the retreat around 9pm so that you can get used to the infrastructure, meet Bhakti and discuss the last details.

The darkness ends the last evening of your stay.

The light will come in gradually. The window will be opened to let in the fresh air and to get used to the moonlight.

The next morning you wake up with daylight. 

After breakfast and if your balance is ok,  you can go home. Mostly it is between 10 and 11 am.

It is advised to use public transport or have someone drive you and pick you up 

If this is not possible, especially after a retreat of 7 days or more) you can book a stay after the retreat.

Then you also have the living room and kitchen (first floor). The garden is also accessible.


The Dark Room is situated on the second floor of a house in the suburb of Ghent.

During the retreat there are no other activities in the house.

As much as possible, external sounds are kept to a minimum.

The space has a room with a double bed and a futon to do some yoga, stretching or other physical exercises to keep the body flexible. Meditation cushions are provided.

If you come as a couple, there will be two beds.

There is a bathroom with shower and sink and a separate toilet

A ventilation system continuously provides the space with fresh air.

The rooms are all connected with a corridor.

In the beginning of the corridor there is a box to provide food and drinks without any light entering the space.

The thermostat is set on 25°C 

There is a duvet, pillows, sheets, towels, soap at your disposal.



 Bhakti is available 24/24 to give support when needed.

There is an emergency phone in the Dark Room which is connected only with the phone of Bhakti.

When needed, she will come to you. When se comes in, you put on a mindfold to not interrupt the proces.

Food & drinks

Spring water, herbal tea and fruit are always available in the room.

Warm vegan/gluten-free meals are served twice a day. The meals are simple but flavorful. they are also biological

That way the digestive system is also given some rest and won’t ask too much of your energy.

If you choose to fasten or do a juice cure, we can discuss this.



The prices indicated are for an individual retreat.
As a couple, 50% is added for the partner.

Stay with 24/24 support + 2 vegan-gluten-free meals / day + spring water / herbal tea + fruit

If you choose to fast or follow a certain diet, the price will be adjusted.


3-days          €530
4-days          €685
5-days          €835
6-days          €980
7-days          €1120
8-days          €1255
9-days          €1385
10-days        €1510
11-days         €1630
12-days         €1745
13-days         €1855
14-days         €1960


You pay 50% of the total price.

In case of cancellation there will be no refund.

With a new reservation, you will receive a 25% reduction in the total cost price up to one year after the first reservation.