What is a Darkness Retreat

A retreat in total absence of light.

It is an intense healing method which has been practiced already for centuries by different lineages such as Buddhism, Shamanism and Tantra. 

The sensory deprivation creates a change in the brain that accelerates the process of inner transformation (see effect).

During the retreat you remain in silence. There is no verbal, nor physical contact, no light, no form, no time. 

You are left alone with ‘YOU’


For whom

For those looking for a place to relax. Or if you have the desire to more self-reflection.
You may want to go deeper into a particular issue.
Or you have no specific purpose.

In any case, it is a wonderful method to live your total potential.
Often we are not aware of deeply ingrained patterns, thoughts, beliefs, fears that limit us.

It can give you a view of how to continue your life path to become more “human”.

Darkness Retreat in The Bodhi Tree

The retreats run from beginning of September until the end of March . 

The energy tends to naturally go inwards during Fall and Winter. It is a perfect moment to go to the center of your being.

It is possible to book as an individual or as a couple.

During the retreat there is no light, minimal noises and no physical contact (except for couples).

Because the retreat is spent unclothed, there is no need to bring any outfits. The only things you will need to bring are a shawl of your choosing, to cover yourself if so desired, and personal hygiene supplies like a toothbrush, dental past, facial cream etc.
However, it is important to minimize what you need during your stay in the Dark.
The purpose is to give energy only to the observer.
You gaze into the darkness and observe whatever passes before your internal eye without responding to it.

The process of transformation goes in waves. You see or feel something inside. You keep watching, feeling, without engaging in your thoughts and  eventually this too will pass. 

Only your consciousness remains. 

This process will anchor you into your true being; to be here and now.

The retreat is very different for everybody. The beauty is that whatever comes to you, it will be the right experience at the time.

It can ( doesn’t have to) be very confronting at times, but whatever your experience is, there will come deep insights, visions, feeling of unity, etc.


Effect of Darkness in the brain

Darkness activates deep centers in the brain such as the pineal Gland.

Depending on the length of the stay, different substances are created in the brain that make it possible to experience a higher state of consciousness.

The way this process evolves depends on your initial intention, and where you are at on  your path of awakening.

It is good to read the information below without any expectation. You will always get what you need in the moment.

Day 1-3: Tryptophan changes in serotonin and then into melatonin.

Melatonin brings body and mind at ease as preparation to the more subtle energies and higher consciousness. 

Day 3-5: Pinoline is being made. This will activate the neurotransmitters of the brain to be more receptive to visions.

Day 4-…: 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine then dimethyltryptamine (DMT) are facilitating the transcendental experience of universal love and compassion.

Darkness’s effects on the brain, activates the third eye (pineal gland) and Levels up your state of consciousness.